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Maintenance Orders And Your Right To Enforce Child Support

When a maintenance order is created, the parent who is receiving the order will be paid an amount to support the child shared between both parents. The agreement is enforceable, and it spells out how much money one parent pays to the other, the name of the child the order is for and when the payments will start.

The order will also say how frequently the maintenance should be paid and how much the parent will need to pay. In some cases, this payment can be altered through the courts if the parent’s income changes. On the maintenance order, the income of the parent on which the maintenance order is based is included, so you can see what the Child Support Guidelines suggest.

If there is an end date for the maintenance order, then that will also be set on the paperwork. In some cases, you may have extraordinary expenses that are included in the order. To receive compensation for those expenses, it’s important to include the kind of expense it is, who the expense is for, how much the special expense will cost and when the payment needs to begin. The frequency of that payment may be monthly or designated differently depending on the agreement.

Our website has more information on child support and maintenance orders, so you can find out more about how to make changes or have your order enforced. With the right support, you can make sure your children receive the support they should be receiving, so they can have the life you know they deserve.

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